Statistics in Chemistry Award

The 1994 Statistics in Chemistry Award given by the Chemometrics Committee of the American Statistical Association was awarded to Dr. Wallace E. Larimore of Adaptics, Inc, in collaboration with Professors Duncan A. Mellichamp and Dale E. Seborg and their former graduate students Dr. Charles Schaper and Dr. Andreas H. Kemna of the Department of Chemical and Nuclear Engineering, at the University of California at Santa Barbara. The award is for the outstanding collaboration between statisticians and chemists in an industrial setting as judged by innovation and impact on the field.

The citation included ``The objective of the collaboration was to study the canonical variate analysis (CVA) method of system identification and time series analysis for the modeling of chemical process dynamics from measured data. Also the use of such an identified model in the design and implementation of feedback control, and the effect of such feedback on the identification procedure was studied. Of particular interest were multi-input multi-output systems involving a number of dynamical (state) variables and cross-coupling (interactions) between a number of input-output pairs. Also of great interest was the investigation of completely automated on-line identification and control design for use in on-line adaptive control''.

We at Adaptics appreciate this recognition of the results achieved by the CVA method in modeling the multivariable dynamics of complex chemical processes.

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