President of Adaptics

Wallace E. Larimore

Dr. Larimore has twenty-five years experience in the development of statistical methods and applications to various systems. He is founder and president of Adaptics Inc, and has developed the ADAPTx software for automatic identification of dynamical systems. This software is currently available running under Matlab, a computer aided control system design software package as well as under C++. ADAPTx utilizes the optimal statistical procedure known as the canonical variate analysis method. Dr. Larimore has been involved in the development of statistical methods for system identification and adaptive control, the development of numerical methods and software, and the application of these methods and software to various systems. He is currently involved in the development and application of canonical variate analysis (CVA) system identification methods, maximum likelihood parameter identification, spectral and coherency analysis of multiple time series, transfer function and impulse response modeling, and adaptive control. He has developed computational methods and software including an implementation of CVA on a systolic array of parallel processors. These methods have been applied in the fields of adaptive detection and suppression of aircraft wing flutter, identification and control of large space structures, modeling of multiple time series, detection and modeling of brain waves, system identification and control of chemical and industrial processes, statistical spatial models of gravity disturbances and other geophysical processes, and post flight data analysis of missile aerodynamics. He has pioneered many of these applications of advanced methods for modeling and adaptive control. He has more than 50 publications of these results. He has given workshops on ``Automated Multivariable System Identification with Control Applications'' at conferences sponsored by the IEEE Control Systems Society as well as other professional societies, and organized invited sessions on automated system identification, the CVA method, and related topics (seeReferences).


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